Pure Hand Drawing Chinese Landscape Painting

Pure Hand Drawing Chinese Landscape Painting
Pure Hand Drawing Chinese Landscape Painting
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100% hand drawing
Material:Xuan paper
Painting Size:35cm X 35cm/13.8" X 13.8" (L X W)

The ancient Chinese paper used for calligraphy and painting is also known as rice paper or Xuan paper,named after Xuanzhou its place of origin in Anhui Province. It features great tensile strength and fine white texture. The Xuan paper is also very absorbent,allowing the ink to dry very quickly and hence beneficial to calligraphy and painting.

Pattern specification:The brushwork appears concise and neat, all manifest a rich flavor of life and all reveal the artist's longing for peace and rest. Rocks, trees and little house are mostly depicted in centre tip, and hence appear sedate and natural. The diversified use of ink, dry or wet, heavy or light, helps enrich the scroll. Espically with regard to the mountains in distance, the light ink not only reduces our visual stress, but creats a kind of affinity. The massif apperas both in hierarchical tiers and an integrated whole, hence realistic and natural.

Tips:The package without the wooden frame for the reason of heavy transportation

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